Conference moderator

Rolandas Vilkončius

Rolandas Vilkončius

LNK news presenter, conference moderator and corporate events presenter

More than two decades of experience in radio, television and events has involved me in constant change as my Yesterday is never the same as Tomorrow.  Every preparation for any event or conference starts off with a clean slate. This requires new skills and better knowledge, so I’m one of those people who think that lifelong learning is inevitable – every day is like another change in the modern technology world.

Conference speakers

Jordi Teixido


Consultant at Kion Management Consulting, Strands
Topic: Projects in XXI century: the leaders we need​

Jordi Teixido is a senior consultant and speaker in project management, and leads project delivery practice for Strands, a world-class Fintech software provider. He teaches project management to postgraduate students at Polytechnique University in Barcelona, and is the author of two books on project management, his last “Gestión Visual de Proyectos,” where he ‘resuscitates’ traditional project management practices through a visual and interactive team-oriented approach. His presentation, “Projects in XXI century: The Leaders We Need” brings a number of fun and challenging thoughts on the future of the project management profession.

Aliona Viršutienė

Aliona Viršutienė

Agile Coach | Leadership Consultant
Topic: Agile Transformation: how business fake it and what it needs to make it

In the market there are quite a few companies, telling they do Agile, however that Agile is just an echo from what real Agile looks and feelsAs well there are lots of fake Agile transformations happening that lead to more meetings and roles but no real value behind it. It could get a pass as a cosmetic transformation but there is no business value beneath the surface. Real transformation must provide business value and improve business agility. In my presentation I will share my view on Agile business transformation, most common mistakes, what pitfalls you should be aware of. And of course there will be tips and tricks: what leaders should be aware of and how to navigate through transformation, what is the role of project managers and scrum masters, as well what to do with the culture. 

Sabyasachi Sengupta

Sabyasachi Sengupta

Storyteller | Communication Specialist | Tedx speaker
Topic: What’s your plan B?

Are you ready today to take on unforeseen turbulence at your current job? Have you ever wondered how you would react in the face of adversity in your career? What will happen if your company suddenly decides to wrap it up, or you get a pink slip and lose your job? What if your artificial intelligence makes your job redundant overnight? We live in a time, where any adversity may be just around the corner and we cannot avoid it. What can we do to best prepare for the adversity if it decides to knock on our door? What we can do is to have a Plan B. A Plan B tailor-made to your skills, talents, and situation. In my talk, I will share my idea on why we need a plan B and how to choose and make your Plan B. 

Khaled A. Hamdy

Khaled A. Hamdy

Projects Advisor, Roads and Transport Authority, Dubai, UAE
Topic: Managing Innovation Projects

Converting a creative idea into reality requires projects and some form of project management. Unfortunately, innovation projects may not be able to be managed using the traditional project management philosophy taught in traditional or even Agile project management courses. Innovation varies from industry to industry and even companies within the same industry cannot come to an agreement on how innovation management should work.  

It is inevitable that, over the next several years, professional organizations will recognize the need to begin setting some standards for innovation project management. The greatest innovation in the next decade may be the recognition and advancement of innovation project management as a career. The intent of this Keynote presentation is to identify several of the differences between traditional and innovation project management along with the accompanying challenges, and to provide the basis for understanding the need for some degree of standardization in innovation project management. The presentation aims to answer three basic questions namely: “What is Innovation?”, “Why do we need to Innovate?” And last but most importantly “How can we innovate?” 

Vicente Gonçalves

Vicente Gonçalves

CEO of the Human Change Management Institute
Topic: The 3rd generation of Change Management

Knowledge of project management has evolved a lot over the past 30 years, but only recently has it started to consider management of the human factor as a key area of expertise for professionals involved in project management.  

Since the beginning of this decade, a movement has been growing to make management of the human factor popular among project professionals as well as leaders in all areas. 

Delivering a project within the planned deadline, cost, quality, and scope is no longer enough. The expectation now is that the strategic objectives that motivated the project are measured by qualitative and quantitative goals, which require engagement of the human component to be achieved. 

If, in the past, this was a discipline for experts, academics, and psychologists only, today the third generation of organizational change management has turned managing the human factor into a key competence for high performers project managers. Are you ready for it? 

Lineta Miseikyte

Lineta Mišeikytė

Line Producer / Producer
Project Management in Cinema Industry: Interview with Chernobyl Co-Producer

A world-famous TV hit Chernobyl was filmed in Lithuania not only because of Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant. American producers have chosen Lithuania because of high film-making standards and excellent reputation of Lithuanian film industry people. Lineta Mišeikytė is one of them, successfully steering back-stage processes for 15 years, thus joining HBO’s Chernobyl team has been a natural professional evolution for her. Lineta’s expertise and professionalism of the Lithuanian team have brought to TV series authenticity, greatly adored both by critics and general audience. 

In an open interview Lineta will share her thoughts about project management in cinema industry as well as the real challenges implementing one of the biggest HBO projects “Chernobyl”.  The Interview will be moderated by Rolandas Vilkončius 

Aukse Žukauskienė

Auksė Žukauskienė

Country Head / Barclays Group Operations Center
Topic: A Decade Of Excellence Completing A Cycle

Experienced international business leader, with rounded expertise in Human resources at most senior levels. In-depth specialist expertise in Leadership Development, Rewards, Talent Management, Organization Design and ER.  Exposed to senior executives in Fortune 100 Company, with exemplary Stakeholder management, Transformation & Change Leadership & Talent skills.  

Through latest Organisational transformation in Barclays Lithuania, demonstrated ability to lead entire business transformation (1500 FTE). With clear focus on long-term result & sustainable business outcome and strategic communication, able to build successful teams who deliver results. As part of senior leadership teams, involved in general management activities within PMI & Barclays.