PMI Lithuania Conference 2020: Let’s Rethink!

5th November 2020

This year is like never before. We strive with unforeseen circumstances and need to be as much flexible and open minded as possible. Therefore, we would like to announce that the PMI Lithuania (PMILT) Conference 2020 will commence and will be dedicated to Project and Product Management mindset.

Be it Agile, Waterfall or Lean (you name it) we must be at our utmost professional shape, make good decisions and lead the project to a success. So, let us rethink!

Even interoperability between Project and Product Management matters. We will share knowledge of PM community and show you the best practices how product and project management can interrelate and give double advantages.

Register to the “PMI Lithuania Conference 2020: Let’s Rethink” organized by PMI Lithuania Chapter on 5-6th November 2020.

Tools for Project Management: Overview and Demo

6th November 2020

The world is becoming globalized and so is the workforce. We often work directly with our teams and clients virtually rather than face-to-face. Therefore, digital communication demands digital tools and platforms work effectively

These days there is a broad variety of platforms and tools designed to facilitate project management. Some are specific such as video calls, conferencing, reporting, budgeting, while others have nearly all these features in one place. 

May we ask: What platforms and tools is your company using? Are you happy with the current solution? Or are you in need of such a platform or tool?

Join our Tools for Project Management: Overview and Demo and you will see showcases of the most popular tools in the market, will be able to connect directly with suppliers and test the tool functionality and usability yourself. You will broaden your competences to make right decision that meet your needs and expectations.



Claire Rutkowski

SVP, Chief Information Officer Bentley Systems, Inc.
Topic: Let’s Rethink Our Role as Project Managers

Martynas Gedminas

Emergency medicine physician Emergency medicine specialists association (SMESA) Vilnius University Republican Hospital of Šiauliai
Topic: To change is to live - Are you a fixed reality or a living possibility?



Danutė Ivanauskaitė - Levišauskienė

Head of Baltic portfolio & project management, SEB Baltic division CIO
Topic: Large IT platform implementations: which methodology is the right one?

Scott Ambler

Vice President and Chief Scientist, Disciplined Agile
Topic: Choosing a Lifecycle That is Right for Your Context: A Disciplined Agile Strategy

Vidas Petraitis

Founder & CEO at Nortus
Topic: Why does Lean implementation not work? Organisations’ major mistakes

Dr. Al Zeitoun

Global Innovation Strategist
Topic: The Growth and Adaptive Mindset – Opening the Door to the Future of Work

Ina Vaitkevičė

Senior Project Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Topic: Finding a better way – everyone, every day

Ray Mead

Founder, p3m global
Topic: The PMO’s role in a Multimodal World

Vaidotas Levickis

Aros Marine, Head for Business Process Improvement
Topic: Let’s rethink organizational practices to build stronger support for PM’s

Darius Gabalis

Aros Marine, Head of Project Management Department
Topic: Let’s rethink organizational practices to build stronger support for PM’s

Ian Sharpe

Associate Director, Business Transformation, Western Sydney University
Topic: Project Management and the Magic Hammer

Tomas Ruzgys

General Manager, Crayon Baltics
Topic: Today’s remote everything: the importance of communication and technology in team management


Rolandas Vilkončius

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